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ARPEL Sketchbook is dedicated exclusively to handbags design and directly addressed to manufacturers, designers and pattern makers.

Each season ARPEL, in collaboration with ARSUTORIA School, presents its trend forecasting analysis published in ARSUTORIA Trend Guide and focused on bags industry: four themes described with colours, materials and shapes.

ARPEL Sketchbook is published once per season, thanks to ARSUTORIA Designers who analyze season forecast, individuating volumes’ trend and materials’ innovation to develop original and exclusive man and woman bags sketches.


Arpel Sketchbook

Starting from € 100/year
2 issues per year


Trend Guide

€ 500 per issue
2 issues per year

Trend areas in international trade fairs

We organize trend areas in the major international trade fairs, with leathers, textiles and components from the best Italian suppliers. 

Want to host one of our trend areas?

Trend seminars

Customized seminars on the next fashion trends for footwear and leathergoods

Information is shared on exclusive materials that Arsutoria has developed together with the best Italian suppliers of materials (leathers, synthetics, textiles) and components (soles, heels, accessories)

Trend seminars in Italy

Two times a year, in April and November, we organize exclusive seminars in the most important production districts in Italy: Milan, Veneto, Marche and Tuscany.

Trend seminars worldwide

We currently hold customized, targeted trend seminars in London and New York City.

If you wish to learn more on these events, how to participate or host one:

Collection design courses by ARSUTORIA School

The main objective of the Bag Collection Design Course is to immerse participants in the process of creative development of a collection of bags. The course is targeted to students graduated in fashion schools, to professionals already working in the field of bags (both in bag brands or retailers) and to profiles with different backgrounds who intend to explore the possibility to pursue a career in the bag industry.

Sessions for 2017

  • 12 June - 7 July 2017
  • 6 November - 1 December 2017

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