Carefully finished edgesThis can be achieved with the Kenda Farben products that ensure quality and ease of use. The protagonists are the ORLY BT Extramat leather edge-paint and FILLER BT and SINTOFIL primers

May 12, 2017

Today the raw cut of the leather  is more than a technical issue, it’s also a highly valued and trendy stylistic choice. It is essential to obtain a perfect and lasting result with products that simplify the production phase and provide excellent yield.

The main strengths of Kenda Farben are the level of quality of its proposals and its constant commitment to the research and development of new lines, more and more in line with the constant evolution of the shoe and leather goods production processes. Ongoing investments have led Kenda Farben to set-up advanced and well-organised laboratories for the product line, allowing it to offer customers exactly what they need, while continually perfecting and refining the recipes.

The ORLY BT Extramat line is one of the leading products that Kenda Farben has designed for raw cut leather finishes, perfect for leather accessories (belts, bags, luggage, etc.). A universal, water-based product for all applications and suitable for any edge-painting machine or for manual applications, able to fill, colour and finish with a smooth and rounded edge all materials normally used to make leather goods. Among its advantages: excellent elasticity and resistance to bending; high colour fastness against wet and dry rubbing; silky and full aspect.

Kenda Farben does not only supply the dyeing product, but offers primers that can prepare the material for the dyeing process.

It is called FILLER BT, a heavy duty primer that gives the leather a rounded effect and does not require brushing or other types of work.

Or SINTOFIL, a water-based, resin emulsion that closes the pores of the edges in synthetic material (or very absorbent leather) and allows obtaining a full and covered edge.

Kenda Farben S.p.A.

Founded in 1963 in Garlasco (Pavia), KENDA FARBEN is one of the world’s leading manufacturers of special chemical products for […]

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