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Mariadelemilano – Alchemy between sartorial wisdom and creativity

“Walking with stories” is the leitmotif of the new bag collection designed by Mariadelemilano and characterized by typical Italian handcrafted processings. […]

Manurina – An intuition turning into reality

A young designer with a passion for art and design had the intuition. The union of Manuela and Mauro, together […]

Castamusa – The triangularity of beauty

The fashion project by the architect Cesare Mercuri focuses on Italian excellence understood as aesthetic taste and entrepreneurial tradition. Cesare Mercuri, born in […]

Ina Kent, bag designer – A passion to transform

An Austrian who designs bags that change form according to requirements but can also define the identity of those who […]

Friederike Quast – Something special

Launching a line of original and high-quality bags is the mission of this German designer who has chosen the Florentine […]

The ‘eco-leather’ rucksack is a winner for its simplicity

Three designer friends are behind the Milanese brand IF BAGS sweeping the web

The luxury artisans

HIBOURAMA is born, a project Made in Italy from two Roman designers

In continual change

Mutant bags formed of interchangeable parts and assembled according to current taste are the signature mark of a young Spanish creator

Like an armour

The LAMAT collection is inspired by the costumes worn by the latest Batman in the Nolan saga

Welcome to the illusion dome!

Trends for Spring-Summer 2015 developed by Cuir à Paris play with false appearances to invent new aspects

Your temper, your felt

Sophisticated, elegant, trendy, original, classic: Kilesa proposes a handbag for all personality traits

GABS – Morphing Bag

Colour is the essence of the new collections. From this are born transformable bags par excellence thanks to the creativity […]

Travel in a frame

The new Bric’s line designed by Francesca Versace, a fantastic mix of rationality and emotion, is already a commercial success

The love for things well made

“My fashion is from the past”, admits Giacomo Zanchetti. Which means: real craftsmanship is always fashionable. And his bags demonstrate this

Selina’s challenge

The London-based Selina Cheong, using a theme of eco-luxury, creates environmentally sustainable and free-trade collections. A good bet, even very refined

Caterina’s gamble

Caterina Franceschini, a young and brilliant designer from Rome, has very clear ideas: to launch a new ‘Made in Italy’ product on the luxury market, that will conquer the East.

To the rhythm of Samba

Patricia Al’Kary’s creations are loaded with the Brazilian spirit of the designer, enhanced by the tradition of excellence of Italian manufacturing

Light enters the bag

Internal LEDs allow illuminating the bags by Sara Giunti, who has succeeded in combining fashion and technology with elegance. For a dynamic woman who is always connected and feminine

This bag is not regular

Asymmetry and irregularity form the basis of the innovative shapes by Hiboy, the brand that has transformed eccentricity into a stylish model

The allure of the seventies

Vintage references and a retro taste for the new “A di Alcantara” collection, which enhances the exclusivity of the material with the same name

Arnoldo][Battois new store opens in Venice

The second Arnoldo][Battois flagship store will open in these days in Venice, in Campo san Maurizio.

Hamburg: BRAUN BÜFFEL opens its first store in Germany

On May 13th, 2013 leather goods specialist BRAUN BÜFFEL, Kirn celebrated the opening of its first store in Germany in the Elbe shopping center in Hamburg.

The bag of your dreams

Not only are the leathers masterfully worked, but they are also admired and revered. For French designer Aurore Ghiringhelli, the materials have a seductive spirit

Bags that defy time

Greenland NATURE presents the new “Westcoast” collection, always in line with the guiding principles of the German brand

The bag marries the iPad

The book becomes a bag, the bag becomes a tablet… and the ‘Virginia’ patent line becomes a legend, thanks to the intuition and style of Nunzia Palmieri

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Feb 14, 2019

Arpel 219 – February 2018

The new issue of Arpel Magazine is now available


This year BAUHAUS is celebrating its 100th birthday. The pioneering school of modernism has turned architecture and design upside down and is a never ending source of inspiration for Philippe Bree in the use of colours, geometrical forms and functionality

Feb 06, 2019


It means “Sense and Emotion” in Latin: the brand’s philosophy aims to find the equilibrium between the two elements and is inspired by people who embody such balance in life

Feb 06, 2019

SPOTLIGHT – Artistar Jewels event

The international event dedicated to body ornaments now in its sixth edition, will be held for the first time at Palazzo Bovara in Corso di Porta Venezia in Milan, from February 19th to 24th 2019

Feb 06, 2019

Galli: from the manual to the automatic

The company’s challenge is to get the results of the best artisan tradition, automating the work effectively