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Brustia-Alfameccanica: X-ray quality control for leather goods

The new line of MM 700 scanners by Brustia-Alfameccanica is designed specifically for X-ray inspection of different fashion products. Perfect for bags and leather goods

APC supports designers of the future

The company based in Vigevano has supplied a full range of reinforcement materials for leathergoods to students of the pattern-making and prototyping course of ARSUTORIA school

Laichina: assemble your bag!

Success for the suggestive Laichina project, a range of bags which can be fully assembled and customized

SAOBC: magical and luxurious ostrich leather

The creations made by the students of ARSUTORIA school using the magnificent leather supplied by SAOBC – South African Ostrich Business Chamber, enhance its special qualities, already appreciated by the most important names in fashion

Arsutoria Trends SS18 – ARTEFACT – Concept & Materials

Concept Art as ARTEFACT, creative fascination made or shaped by man, such as a tool or a work of art, […]

Arsutoria Trends SS18 – EXTREME – Concept & Materials

Concept EXTREME as the need to explore uncharted territories, the relationship between man and unwelcoming environments represented by a wild […]

Arsutoria Trends SS18 – STRENGTH – Concept & Materials

Concept A celebration of strength and opalescent as the new futuristic beautiful. Minimalism is the new pure. Clean is more […]

Lampa Best Fashion Accessories

Technology, innovation and high quality are the values of Lampa, specialized in the design, prototyping and manufacture of buttons and […]

MMC Colombo: Fasten as the main character

Jewels-like fastens that can make any bag a unique and exclusive model These are the latest fastens created by MMC […]

“Anodized” finishing for small metal parts – Moro Minuterie

Footwear and leather goods can now be enriched by beautiful and original eyelets, hooks, buckles and studs. In fact, Moro […]

Francesca Castagnacci wins the second edition of the Ramponi Prize

The Florentine designer was awarded at the White Women’s Pre-collections + Menswear Show by Mario Boselli and Andrea Ramponi, thus winning the second edition of the Prize dedicated to accessories

Galli: complete and automatic line for the processing of belts

Galli presents a new automatic Edge Finishing line for belts or strips in general

Overmec: continuous innovation in the application of water-based adhesives

Overmec innovates some of the fundamental manufacturing processes for small leather goods and footwear industries

Picta technology: increasingly fashionable

The Picta technology widens the range of its services with interesting new possibilities for customization.

Bags Trend Forecasting – AW 2017/18 – Caravan Clan

Migrant nomads, modern warriors of streetwear, founders of the Outdoor style, in all shapes and sizes. Tribes that travel across […]

Bags trend forecasting – AW 2017/18 – Robotop Pop

Exaggerated and arrogant style, inversion of the aesthetic standards. A pillage of the most irreverent artists. Works of art that […]

Bags Trend Forecasting – AW 2017/18 – Precisely Raw

Urban minimalism in a Zen key. Calm and meditation between Giorgio Morandi, Tadao Ando and Dutch designer. Discrete and honest. […]

Bags Trend Forecasting – AW 2017/18 – Grandeur

A celebration of hyped-up decor with the prestigious classic. Eclectic and grandiose remake of decorative excess. Ornamental and innovative braiding […]

Coats Opti’s – Increasingly fashionable

Nowadays it is increasingly important for a company to be recognizable on the market and to differentiate itself from the […]

Superior Tannery – Eco-friendly leather, but not only

 The new line of environmentally friendly leather presented by Superior is part of a research project initiated by the tannery […]

Modimex Accessori – From studs to weaves

Backed by over fifty years’ experience Modimex Accessori extends its range of action also in semi-finished woven leather and participates […]

Lancaster International develops chrome-free leather

More beautiful and safer for man and the environment

A leather umbrella thanks to the lotus leaf effect

A study by Stefani Chimis to make leather more waterproof

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Feb 06, 2019

Delvaux opens in Milan

After the opening of a second boutique in London, the Maison Delvaux continues to spread its “Belgitude” across Europe with the opening of its first boutique in the heart of Milan

Feb 06, 2019

Parisian sophistication

Thanks to its commitment to quality, precious materials, refined design, and dedicated laboratory in Spain, Polène is establishing itself as a must-have brand of French top-end leather goods

Feb 06, 2019

Sustainable luxury made in Italy

The new Alberto Sartori brand has just made its debut in the fascinating world of Italian luxury leather goods, making itself known not only for the excellence of its creations but also for the sustainability of its production

Feb 06, 2019

Animalia Fashion exhibition: Beyond Animalier

In a suggestive overview of almost one hundred pieces including dresses, bags, shoes, jewelry and accessories, with the exhibition “Animalia Fashion” high fashion interprets a fabulous universe, where mannequins become creatures of a modern and poetic bestiary

Semi-tubular rivets and zamak rivets, there’s no limit to creativity!

There is nothing more suitable for decorating bags and belts than semi-tubular rivets rivets in iron, copper or brass by Moro Minuterie