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Each season Arsutoria Research Team individuates the major trends on worldwide lifestyle, deeply analyzed, and offering unique insights and ideas.

A passionate group of experts on trend research, materials development, shoes and bags design and merchandising that work together with the best Italian suppliers of leather, textiles, soles, heels and accessories.

The result is a unique research, divided into different themes, which are analyzed into several aspects.



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Arsutoria Trends Guide AW1920

Arsutoria Trends Guide AW1920

Arsutoria presents the three major trends for AW 2019/20.

Arsutoria Trends SS18 – ARTEFACT – Concept & Materials

Arsutoria Trends SS18 – ARTEFACT – Concept & Materials

Concept Art as ARTEFACT, creative fascination made or shaped by man, such as a tool or a work of art, […]

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Arsutoria Trends SS18 – EXTREME – Concept & Materials

Concept EXTREME as the need to explore uncharted territories, the relationship between man and unwelcoming environments represented by a wild […]

Arsutoria Trends SS18 – STRENGTH – Concept & Materials

Concept A celebration of strength and opalescent as the new futuristic beautiful. Minimalism is the new pure. Clean is more […]

Jul 19, 2016

Pirate, Poet, Gentleman. Oscar De Franceschi, a legend!

Charm, strength, expertise and sacrifices dedicated to the world of footwear and leather, sure to sell a lot of advertising, which you can also find in this issue, but above all to increase the value of arsutoria, to which he dedicated his whole life, and the companies of customers, or better of friends, with whom he has travelled, laughed and “argued” for more than 60 years

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