INESCOP, a worldwide leader in footwear technology and innovation

As a global benchmark for quality control, adhesives research and computer-aided design software for footwear and footwear components, INESCOP is one of the most worldwide renowned technology centres specialising in footwear and related industries.

Among INESCOP’s main activities, quality assurance stands out. In fact, their laboratories issue more than 6,000 technical reports annually, which account for more than 45,000 tests and analyses performed every year.
They implement perfectly defined and documented test methods with the most suitable equipment. Most of these are based on international test standards, and they are also adapted to the needs of footwear manufacturing processes and wear conditions.

Likewise, INESCOP’s laboratories are qualified for carrying out testing on hazardous substances that can affect footwear and footwear components, and they also offer tailored consultancy services with regard to the obligations established by the REACH Regulation in relation to chemicals.

However, INESCOP’s activities are not limited to quality issues as a decisive factor, but also focus on innovation in its broad sense. Innovation is one of the most efficient ways to maintain competitiveness and increase added value against competitors who base their products on low costs, but it implies making a huge effort.

Among their lines of action, the development of computer-aided footwear design software takes prominence. With more than 30 years experience, INESCOP is the worldwide leader in the development of such programmes. This is evidenced by the installations in more than 2,000 companies in 39 different countries, who are currently users of their CAD/CAM systems.

These systems offer the possibility to reduce costs, improve product quality and optimise productivity. The software for 3D design of footwear and complex sole units are outstanding solutions.
INESCOP is also a benchmark in the field of adhesives. Its dedicated department offers integrated and tailored advice in the field of adhesion and adhesives, as is the case of finding out the causes for bond strength issues, identifying adhesion problems, and providing recommendations about materials and processes.

Apart from providing technical support to companies, INESCOP also makes technical knowledge and experience in project management and coordination available to the industry, in order to provide comprehensive advice in the areas of Research, Development and Innovation. In this sense, the adhesives department also conducts research on new products and processes, technology development and innovation, including sustainable adhesives and robotic application of adhesives.

All in all, the main asset that INESCOP contributes to the footwear industry, as a centre for technology and innovation, is the transfer of knowledge and the research on those subjects that cannot be addressed individually by companies willing to improve their technological performance.

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