Main Group Technologies S.r.l.


In its 80 years of activity, Main Group has set the technological benchmark for injection moulding of the main productions in the footwear field.

It produces: static machines with 2 or more stations, rotary machines for boots, EVA injection system, injecting-pouring into open/closed mould polyurethane, injection of TPU+PU with integrated cycle etc.
Main Group has clients all over the world.

Nowadays Main Group brand presents to the market with a wealth of machines and is bolstered by new technological and production resources, which enable significant improvements on an industrial level.

Main Group Technologies is a new dynamic company borning by an industrial and financial pool, whose organization embraces rules of modern industrialization.

Through a combination of design rationality and production optimization, the company meets the today market demands both on economical aspect and upgrade production, offering improved and up-to-date machines.

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