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Since its establishment, the mission of Overmec was to propose within the field of manufacture of footwear and leather technology for the application of the new generation of environmentally friendly water-based adhesives, promoting sustainability of industrial production system, environmental impact of products, workplace safety and quality of the finished product.

Ahead of their time, Overmec sought to impose sustainability and product quality solvent-free.
It continually and stubbornly developed new technologies for the application of stickers: manual applicators, automatic machines, programmable CNC machines, CCN0-T system for the automatic production of parts of leather goods.
In subsequent years, it gave a decisive contribution to the success of high-end leather goods manufacturers and these customers have made our success.

Today Overmec is synonymous with experience and knowledge of production processes, expertise in mechatronics and software.

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Overmec: continuous innovation in the application of water-based adhesives

Overmec: continuous innovation in the application of water-based adhesives

Overmec innovates some of the fundamental manufacturing processes for small leather goods and footwear industries

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