Contrasting harmoniesThe new Laetitia collection creates a skilled equilibrium between seemingly opposing elements, giving life to all-purpose bags with a discrete and contemporary appeal

Mar 14, 2018
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With the new collection, founder and designer Fabrizio Pisano confirms the brand’s mission of creating products for women with sparkling personalities, who love a product that is capable of expressing joy and all the values of high quality. The protagonists are bona fide all-purpose bags characterised by rigid and geometric structures that are harmoniously merged with more sinuous and feminine lines, while warm tones are alternated with pastel nuances. We find the Sophie satchel, the new T2 crossbody, the must-have iconic Lavinia beauty bag, the Sylvia clutch with shoulder strap, and the Vivien contemporary fanny pack.

All strictly of Italian origin, the leathers are combined with exquisite brocaded velvets, for an accessory that is full of charm and appeal. Leathers meticulously finished in the very best Tuscan tanneries, great uniformity of the raw materials, craft workmanship, and accessories and colours are all trademarks of both the brand and of a discrete and elegant luxury capable of conveying a radiant and contemporary allure.

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