Danny D’Alessandro is the new director of MipelReshuffle at the top for the most important international exhibition within the world of bags and fashion accessories

Sep 05, 2017
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The Board of Directors of Aimpes Servizi S.r.l. has appointed Danny D’Alessandro, a 35 years old Florentine manager, as CEO of the company starting from the 1st of September. The announcement of D’Alessandro’s appointment comes less than a year after his installation as Deputy General Manager at AIMPES Servizi.
D’Alessandro, a law graduate specialised in company law, has gained corporate experience at Braccialini S.p.A. as Legal and Corporate Department Manager, after having practised law and having conducted considerable academic research.
As CEO of Aimpes Servizi S.r.l. and Director of Mipel, Danny D’Alessandro will be responsible for speeding up the growth of the exhibition, supporting its international development and actively promoting the already existing synergies with the political and corporate system.

Concerning the new nomination, D’Alessandro stated:

“I have welcomed the new mandate given to me by the Board of Directors of the Company with enthusiasm and pride. Since my arrival at AIMPES/MIPEL, I have imagined that, in order to relaunch the trade fair and to adjust the associational structure to the needs of the market, it would be necessary to do something old and something extraordinarily new. Something old because, in the age of the internet and social media, tools that surely facilitate communication but depersonalise relationships, it is necessary to return to our people (leather goods makers), roll up our sleeves and help entrepreneurs lift large boxes of problems. However, we have to season our recipe with something extraordinarily new because, even with some limits, we cannot forget that this is the world of the global and multimedia offering, in which internet and social media dictate the timing of the market. So, trade shows and associations are called to evolve too, proposing services and products in line with the times and, above all, able to accompany fabrics into the system 4.0”.

The new director of Mipel Danny D’Alessandro


AIMPES Servizi S.r.l. http://www.aimpes.it/

AIMPES is the italian association of the leather goods manufacturers. Established in 1946 with the name of ANIMPEC, today the […]

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