De/Couture: Glam rock allureDe/Couture represents a radically different line of bags that are modern and classic at the same time. They are aimed at the high end of the market both in terms of taste and distribution.

Oct 25, 2018
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The De/Couture bag collection is sophisticated and creative and was founded in 2005. The following year the brand won the prestigious Vogue Italia’s “Who’s On Next” competition, which identifies and promotes new fashion talents. Since then, Massimo Mariotti, owner and creative director, has worked tirelessly to bring the De/Couture brand to the top international boutiques. The women’s collection is today flanked by a men’s collection that is highly appreciated by Japanese and European buyers alike. Massimo gained extensive experience and excellent knowledge of fashion through various important collaborations as a design director for some of the most important brands and companies.
The SS19 collection offers a sophisticated range of models, conceived and produced with handcrafted techniques and savoir-faire of master saddlers, yet boldly reinvented in view of the most advanced innovations and technological research.
The collection has a particularly late-eighties vibe with New Wave and graffiti references. Fierce female singers like Chrissie Hynde, leader of the Pretenders, have strongly inspired the stylistic choices.
Massimo Mariotti recounts: “The constant search for characteristic details and processes have led us to develop a series of hand painted bags inspired by city neon signs and murals with rock’n’roll writings that we have called ‘Graffiti Neon’. The works of writers made with sprays and stencils have given life to the ‘Graffiti Chain’ line with degradé airbrushed chains on metallic leather, then retouched by hand one by one”.
As for technological research, the brand began to experiment by creating accessories with 3D printing. This led to the production of the new 3D Gems line, dedicated to the unforgettable Audrey Hepburn. “We have redesigned the precious stones on a macro scale and then printed them in 3D, giving rise to a series of clutches in the shape of large cabochons,” says Mariotti. “Our artisan DNA is always at the forefront: the shells printed in 3D with organic and biodegradable plastic materials are then covered by hand by our master saddlers using metallic leather in various colours.”

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