Felisi – An “auteur” birthdayFelisi celebrates its 45th anniversary with delightful illustrations by Claudio Gualandi

Sep 10, 2018
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This year Felisi celebrates its 45 years of history with a celebratory and light-hearted bag, a reversible shopping bag, finished and lined in various colour combinations illustrating the history of the brand, through the personal style of the artist, Claudio Gualandi.
Around the timeless style of the bag unravels a story in images where the various “actors” represented are expressed through their daily life: creation, packaging, distribution, activities of the company and the two stores in Ferrara and Milan. All these elements enter into the composition to form a drawing that embraces the bag in a circular way. The delicate and fun drawings, rich in details to be discovered, beautifully tell the story of brilliant Italian realities that continue to leave their mark over time.
The company and artist, both from Ferrara, have already worked together, in particular on the “Souvenir d’Italie” exhibition that was set up in the Felisi Flagship Store of Milan. They have conceived this project to celebrate an important birthday for the high-end brand, which has become a well-established reality at an international level.

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