41st Fimec closes with qualified visitors and good business dealsVisitors in search of new developments and technology for their businesses and exhibitors keen to display their innovative products to those passing through Fenac's pavilions.

Mar 30, 2017
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Visitors in search of new developments and technology for their businesses and exhibitors keen to display their innovative products to those passing through Fenac’s pavilions.
This was the atmosphere at the 41st edition of Fimec, held in Novo Hamburgo from March 14 to 16. The event brought together a qualified audience of people looking for newly launched machinery, components, leather and chemicals for the leather footwear, bag and accessories industries.

Technology to improve processes, increase productivity and make the shoe industry even more competitive was one of the highlights of the trade show.

Experience initiatives: Fábrica Conceito, Estudio Fimec and Espaço Fimec Conteúdo

Over the three-day trade show, the Fabrica Conceito (Concept Factory) produced around 5,000 pairs of shoes, presenting the latest technology and new developments that lower costs and increase productivity in the shoe industry. The project, organized by Fenac, IBTeC and Coelho Assessoria Empresarial, is considered a showcase for exhibitors, since the machines on display on stands are put to work in the Factory.

Fimec Studio has been a unique opportunity for visitors, immersing them in the consumer experience and allowing them to get more familiar with exhibitor’s material, in addition to customizing products according to the theme of Essentials, aimed at valuing less consumerist and more conscious behavior.

This year’s edition of Fimec featured a space dedicated to disseminating and sharing knowledge. The Espaço Fimec Conteúdo (Fimec Content Space) presented short talks with information pertinent to the sector with a view to rapidly and dynamically sharing subjects of interest to visitors.

One month earlier in 2018

A new development for the next edition is the date of the event. In 2018, the trade show is scheduled to be held from March 6 to 8, between 1pm and 8pm. The decision to bring the event forward a few days was taken after meeting with organizations and analyzing surveys conducted with exhibitors and visitors, and confirmed at a Fenac board meeting.  The goal of the change was to adapt to the calendar of national and international public holidays, ensuring that the fair would not clash with other events in the leather and footwear industry and be able to welcome the qualified audience it has received in previous editions.

Exhibitors and visitors Approve Fimec

The 41st edition of Fimec once again enjoyed visits from qualified industry decision makers and exhibitors satisfied with the business conducted during the event. Exhibitors were able to display their latest innovations for hundreds of visitors, while those who came looking for new products, materials, equipment, production systems and machinery left satisfied with the new technology presented.

We look for new suppliers and materials and get in touch with our partners to check on any new developments, in addition to seeking alternative suppliers and partners for the brand.  I always leave with new suppliers for the company.

Explains Pietra Strassburger Scheffel, the designer behind Petite Jolie.
For her, Fimec also serves as inspiration for new collections.

Leaving the workplace to participate in a trade show like Fimec always gives us new ideas and brings something different to our next creations.

A major player in the chemical industry, Corium returned to Fimec as an exhibitor in the 41st edition. After four years not exhibiting at the trade show, the company returned this year and was surprised by the highly-qualified visitors.

We were able to attract new clients and cater to our current partners. There were a large number of visitors from Latin America, Chile, Peru, Columbia and Ecuador, which we identified as excellent for our business. I participated in previous years as a visitor and I can see that this edition attracted more people with real buying power, which is a highly positive factor.

Explains Cristiano Velho, a sales representative for Corium Indústria Química.

Our expectations were exceeded over the three-day event, with a higher number business deals made that in recent times. The optimism of exhibitors and visits by qualified foreigners were clearly visible in the corridors. I can honestly say that this has been the best Fimec of recent times

Márcio Jung – CEO of Fenac

There is the feeling of a great collaboration along the supply chain. The integration and harmony that exist between the different operators in the sector is a major competitive factor for the Brazilian footwear industry.

Heitor Klein – President Abicalcados

It’s a well-established fair but to grow what matters is, especially for machinery companies, visitors’ quality. The success of Fimec is given by its visitors, industry professionals who know the technology and who are seeking to increase their productivity. Three days are few for our industry, but it’s the right leght.

Marlos Schmidt – President Abrameq

The newly strengthened partnership with sectorial organizations has prompted Fimec to encourage business generation through the Comprador (invitation to buyer delegations), Rodadas de Negócios (round tables) and FF Exchange projects.

Jose Fernando Bello – CICB Executive President

It was a good show, especially considering to long-term investment opportunities, not only for the purchase of materials, offered by the visitors.

Moacir Berger – AICSul President

A contribution to visitors’ quality comes also from the exhibitors themselves, who brings design, innovation and technology to attract the level of companies. It will be important to the advance of the dates to meet the needs of quality customers.

Gerson Berwanger – Executive Assintecal Vice-President

We thank Fenac for giving us the opportunity to realize Fabrica Conceito, to show how technology becomes a productivity factor. The initiative represents an investment of over 3 million Reais in machines provided by exhibitors. Fabrica Conceito is also important to attract young people in the industry, to let them know that the shoe factory is no longer the same of their fathers’ generation.

Paulo Griebeler – IBTeC President & Luis Coelho – Coelho Assessoria Empresarial.

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