FOCUS ON GREEN FASHIONA wide range of the newest proposals selected among the novel models of bags and accessories devoted to eco-ethical values

Sep 12, 2018


100% toxin free, PETA approved vegan, and hand made in Florence and Varese with waste from the processing of Trentino apples: the bags from the Swiss brand founded by designer Tanja Schenker, are not only beautiful but also good. Completely customisable with shoulder straps, handles and interchangeable flaps, they offer responsible and sustainable luxury of the highest quality.


Nae’s (acronym for “No Animal Exploitation”) vegan belts focus on craftsmanship and vintage taste. Made only with certified cruelty-free materials, they have an excellent quality/price ratio, are resistant to wear and tear and meet the most important environmental and social standards.



The designer brought to life her creative vision in 2016, founding a brand dedicated to working women with a frenetic city lifestyle who want refined, chic and sustainable accessories. The bags, accessories and small leather goods, with a very contemporary minimalist design, are entirely made in Bavaria with high quality, vegetable tanned and dyed materials.

alexandra_svendsen_00003 alexandra_svendsen_00005


Biella-based Rita Mancini, owner of the Masala® brand, has been creating fashion bags and accessories since 2001 featuring fascinating and alternative lines. For some years now, the company has been making a line of certified and numbered bags using very special recycled materials such as airbags (dyed with natural methods), parts of dashboards, seat belts and other disused car parts. She also proposes “The Tree of Life” collection of t-shirts in organic cotton with prints made from fine art photographs with the use of zero-impact colours according to the Recycrom® method (dyes obtained from the pulverisation of old garments in natural fibres).



“B” stands for “bike”, but also for “belt” and “bag”; while the word “Recycled” is self-explanatory. The name encompasses the philosophy of this Trentino-based brand which, since 2015, has been focusing on the reuse of waste materials to create fashionable and trendy accessories. From the recovery of bike tyres and, more recently, also stock materials like belts, bags and sports bags, all made and sewn by hand as unique pieces. The packaging is also in line with the principle that “nothing is destroyed and everything is transformed” because it is made from recycled cardboard; in the shape of a bike wheel, of course!



Bags, shoes, belts, costume jewellery and small leather goods: the winning idea of the Portuguese brand is to combine an attractive fashion design with eco-sustainable and renewable materials (cork constantly regenerates itself on trees and it is light, breathable and hypoallergenic). The company based in Pontinha comes from a long tradition of local craftsmanship and all the accessories are handmade, including the processing and prints.



Bags, backpacks, messengers and notebook holders are unisex and made with high quality leather whose use is maximised in order to reduce waste. Vegetable colours prevail and become even more fascinating with the passing of time. The interiors are modern and functional, equipped with special pockets and compartments for notebooks, tablets and other devices. The German company was founded in 1936 and has a design office in Germany, where the production arrives from a small company in Colombia, according to the principles of fair trade and the highest standards of worker safety.

HAROLD'S twister-travelbag-100-organic-slider


Always on the road, but this time worn by people, instead of a truck. The plastic tarps that cover trucks have told the radical-green Volverup start-up what they want to be when they grow up: “A bag!” and their wish was fulfilled. Bags, totes, clutches, backpacks with an urban and travelled soul become recycled and completely ethical, because they are made by a network of artisans who find dignity in their work.



Looking at these beautiful and original bags and costume jewellery, it seems incredible that they are made from the simple pull-tabs of aluminium beer cans: a polluting product taken from the road and apparently useless. Collected in Salvador de Bahia, Brazil, in one of the poorest areas of the country, and skilfully crocheted by women in difficulty, the pull-tabs then arrive to the shores of Lake Garda, where the creative genius of Luisa Leonardi Scomazzoni (known by all as “la Leo”) turns them into beautiful accessories to be worn and to recount an important story.

monica-eco-nero-1_opt mc-leo-1_opt


Take nature and put it under the press: this eco-friendly system patented by the Trentino-based Fenz brand is accustomed to making the “greenest” eyewear frames and watch dials. Superlight, 85% biodegradable and extremely functional, they have an elegant and exclusive style, as unique as the materials they are made of: daisies, coffee, musk, cornflower, stone or hay…when nature becomes a designer.



A casual, fresh fashion with a recognisable style. The total look for which the brand is famous consists of romantic bags with a vintage effect, rich in contrasting textures and nuances, with attention and care paid to the smallest detail. Claudia Lanius has been pursuing her vision since 1999, using environmentally friendly and “fair trade” raw materials to create a fashion product that respects the planet and animals. LANIUS is certified GOTS (Global Organic Textile Standard), PETA – Approved Vegan Label and uses materials controlled by independent institutes such as CERS and Control Union.



The heart of the Embawo bag is wood: local wood such as olive and walnut, but also exotic wood like rosewood, Zebrano and Indian apple. Wavy wood, whose knots aesthetically characterise each product making it a unique piece, which are matched according to the different lines with leather and metal details. The end result – whether a clutch, a shoulder strap or a trolley – is incredibly light and captivating, also due to its eco-friendly and sustainable nature.

violetta_opt embawo_carlotta-blu-noce

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