Fusè Carlo presents the Effeci 400-360-13085, even stitches for all types of production [SIMAC 2018]During the last edition of SIMAC, the company Fusé Carlo presented a new and interesting extra large-field machine with a rotating head, the Effeci 400-360-13085.

Mar 02, 2018
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image-07The new extra large-field machine (1300×850 mm) is equipped with a long arm for series precision stitching and with a rotating head for even stitches on any kind of production.

The main advantage of a machine that has such a large work field is that of being able to use the same template in order to carry out different operations simultaneously (for example, the front and back of bags).

The special rotating head, which can make an unlimited number of rotations, was designed to guarantee the same stitching quality in every direction and a maximum stitching speed of 2,500 rpm. Therefore, the Effeci 400-360-13085 turns out to be particularly suitable for productions wit zero tolerance for uneven stitches.

image-132image-122Some technical adjustments make the machine even more functional: the spool holder equipped with a thread break sensor located on the rotating block; the special door on the plane makes it possible to replace the bobbin in a fast and simple manner; the special pressure foot, whose height and pressure can be regulated, guarantees an even pressure on multi-layer fabrics.

The touch-screen panel, simple and intuitive, allows the management and programming of templates directly on board of the machine.

Finally, the table has foldable sections in order to facilitate its transportation and offers a reliability which is guaranteed over time.

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