Galli and belt automation [SIMAC 2018]A fully automated line for belt-dyeing and the futuristic robotic arm for precise edge finishing operations. These are the excellent news presented at the SIMAC fair 2018.

May 15, 2018
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galli___dsc_0087News on the belt production automation process. At the last SIMAC fair Galli presented an automatic edge finishing line that starts from the automatic loading of the pieces up to the entire belt deying and drying process. A new generation work center that can move continuously two lines with a single charger and low power consumption, able to limit the space required for its installation and produce more than 5,000 belts a day.

tecnocolor_03A second finishing line of the surface follows the same just described concept of the machine, operating no longer on the edge, but exactly on the surface of the strip. Hot calendering, brushing and polishing, deying and surface molding are the operations which it is able to carry out with the utmost precision and accuracy.

The company, founded in 1979 from an idea by Emilio Galli and which today is a leader in the design and production of leather goods machines, has also presented various systems of manual or automatic stamping, lasering and furnaces for the bags world being careful about energy consumption, size and transparency (to make workplaces less oppressive).

galli___dsc_0089The large machine inventory offered by Galli is further enriched by cutting-edge innovation: a new automatic and robotic deying system for leather goods. Basically, a collaborative robot, aligned to the standards of Industry 4.0, totally interfaceable with existing lines and especially with people. The declared objective is to create mixed work islands that integrate man and machine. A robotic arm that does not rely as much on speed as on precision in the finishing of edges.

«It’s a new technology – says Carlo Galli – that every customer wants to adapt to one’s characteristics. We are therefore looking for the right compromise between flexibility and industrialization of this particular island in order to fully integrate it into the already existing lines».

Galli S.p.A.

Born in 1979 from an idea of Emilio Galli, today Galli spa is a leading company in the design and […]

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