Galli, worldwide leader in the production of machines for leather goods. Cutting-edge research and innovationFounded in 1979, in Vigevano, a territory that is considered exclusive for its footwear and technology, Galli spa has become a market leader in the design, production, and sales of machines for leather goods

Jun 12, 2017
Emilio and Carlo Gatti
Emilio and Carlo Gatti

This company in fact is a true rarity in Vigevano, aka the footwear district par excellence, which is considered the undisputed point of reference worldwide for the production of bags and belts.

Created from an idea of Emilio Galli, it has grown over time, winning the loyalty of customers who consider it to be a company completely dedicated to providing the very best service, with the ability to identify and resolve problems occurring in production. The owner himself explains the characteristics of Galli-branded production: «Quality construction, technological innovation, and attention to the needs of customers, with the aim of improving the quality and productive efficiency.

These are the elements that have always allowed our company to stand out».

Emilio Galli, of Bergamo origins, but Vigevano by adoption, over the years has become a clear expert in the market of leather goods, maintaining daily contact with the diversified world of leather goods manufacturers:

A world – he explains – characterized by two distinct realities. From one end, leading designer labels bought for their brand that is a quality guarantee; and from the other end, companies of a mid-to-high level range characterized by excellent quality with meticulous attention to detail, but with one defect: the inability to communicate to the greater public the quality of their products and explain this path taken towards quality. I believe that communication, in this context, is extremely important.

Leather goods in Italy is also associated with Mipel, the most important international fair held two times a year, with the same show dates of theMicam: «It was a great fair, but it lost the shine of its golden era after the loss of important designer labels », is the opinion of Galli, «It needs to be requalified through their return. Speaking of fairs, I believe that the entire leather supply chain should come together in one common exhibition in Milan. Footwear, leather goods, accessories and components, and technology for producing shoes and bags, should all come together in just one show. It would be a huge success».

default_slider_01What is your personal classification of the most qualified countries producing bags?
«I would say France and Italy are equal winners. The French know how to make the most of technology, while the Italians have great manual skill».

The secret of Galli’s success?
«Not resting on its laurels, but always running forward without ever stopping, while also maintaining a cutting-edge lead in research and innovation. We then propose a production that is absolutely “Made in Italy”. In our case, it’s true to the extent that our machines could be said to be “Made in Cararola street”, the street where we are headquartered in Vigevano».

In the company can also be found the owner’s son, Carlo, together with his brother Davide and mother Maria, who support their father in his business.
In 30 years of activity, Emilio Galli could not have done a better job. He has managed to create the conditions that allow the next generation, which is represented by his sons, to become part of the company, establishing the very best conditions for the potential future growth of Galli spa.

Galli S.p.A.

Born in 1979 from an idea of Emilio Galli, today Galli spa is a leading company in the design and […]

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