Gold is the new black

The colours of precious metal are the leading theme of all the collections branded Sainte Isaure, which takes its inspiration from the captivating world of ballet

Mar 09, 2018
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Daughter of an opera singer, Ingrid Monti has transmitted all of her cultural and personal history into the creation of her very own brand, Sainte Isaure. It is not by chance that dance is the source of inspiration behind each collection, with themes that include the world of ballet, nightclubs, cabarets, and disco music. Recalling the sparkling atmosphere and magic of theatres is the colour gold, which becomes the new black: a timeless hue, always providing the perfect look, with suitability for all kinds of occasions. Exquisite Italian leathers highlight the shiny and ever-changing properties of gold, while expert craft workmanship typical of Southern Spain contributes in giving life to a youthful product with a strong personality.

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