High-quality padding“Made in Italy” means quality, also and above all when we talk about materials and components. Therefore choosing Luigi Carnevali paddings means giving an added value to one’s own creations.

May 15, 2017

Since 1908, the name of Milan’s Luigi Carnevali has been well known in many countries as being synonymous with quality and commitment in the production of thermo-adhesive and self-adhesive reinforcements for footwear, leather goods and leather clothing.

Over a century of professionalism, quality and experience for a wide range of products that includes, among others, innovative materials for padding, introduced into Carnevali product range to satisfy an increasingly pressing market demand. Besides, at the beginning of 2017 Carnevali merged with the subsidiary Resinoll – an Italian company with a leading position in the production of thermo-adhesive reinforcements for clothing – therefore covering almost the entire creation of linings for outerwear, sportswear, jeans, lightweight fabrics and leather.


NIZZA, for example, a real classic that belongs to the foamed product family, is perfect for filling backpacks’ shoulder-straps, as well as for many other similar applications. Its special compound in EVA mixed with a particular rubber is able to behave like neoprene, besides looking very much like it. It offers the advantage of a more accessible price.

OSLO, on the other hand, represents a real novelty in the field of paddings, which only Luigi Carnevali offers on the market. A polyurethane foam with shape memory, perfect also for quilted items, that uniformly fills spaces, assuring perfect and durable comfort.


Carnevali s.a.s. http://www.carnevali.it/index.html

Dal 1908 la Luigi Carnevali è conosciuta in molti paesi come sinonimo di qualità e serietà nella produzione di interlining, […]

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