Italiana Accessori’s Open House blows 10 candlesOn the occasion of the 10th edition of the Open House - held on 29, 30 and 31 May - Italiana Accessori, leader in the production of applications and decorations, with the partnership of Sagitta Vigevano, has definitely taken an extra step, aiming to give life to a local fashion district

Aug 02, 2019

sfilata-fashion-show-5The company, gathering input from the CNA of Arezzo and the Municipality of Montevarchi, involved other companies in the fashion sector of the province of Arezzo to present themselves as a team to the representatives of the big brands guests of the event.
This happened at the most awaited moment of the three days, that is during the Fashion Show on 30 May.
The event was attended by a dozen companies - including clothing, footwear, leather goods and accessories - representing the best Arezzo manufacture.
It has been an opportunity for all to present the top models of their own production to wide range of experts. Very high level creations were shown, the result of passion and research, of entrepreneurial skills as well as of the professionalism of hundreds of workers.
The new proposal of the 2019 Edition of Italiana Accessori’s Open House was an opportunity for reflection for local entrepreneurship, a real beginning of a common growth path with the hope of laying the foundations for a meeting point annual open to an increasing number of local companies.
A strategy designed to give shape to a true fashion district in the province of Arezzo, an indispensable project to develop synergies and new relationships with the big brands.

The project that a brand requires today - says Rudi Migliorini, owner of Italiana Accessori Srl - can be extremely complicated and needs various skills. A small company, even if of excellence, cannot face this challenge alone. It must obligatorily rely on the competences of other companies possibly in its district for many, obvious advantages.
Despite all the technology available today it is not always easy to know “who does what”, and then entrust a part of our work to that person. The idea of aggregating several companies on the occasion of our Fashion Show stems from the need to know each other, by reasoning in a logic of supply chain to evaluate new collaborations.

Italiana Accessori srl

Italiana Accessori has been active for over 20 years and specializes in customized decorations for the fashion industry such as aluminum studs, […]

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