Klein Karoo: between tradition and legendThe new collections KLEIN KAROO Finest Ostrich Leather Collection will be presented at the upcoming Première Vision and Lineapelle. The KK 2018-2019 collections, under the artistic direction of Estelle Arielle Bouchet, are dedicated to Queen Nandi of Zululand, to the weather phenomena and the majestic African nature

May 16, 2017

Nandi, Queen of Zululand

Tribute to you, Nandi, thanks to your courage and rebelliousness, you turned your son into a great King! You challenged the patriarchal laws and the injustice inflicted on you by the Zulu King Senzangakhona who abandoned you after he had seduced you. Such a neglected African Ariane, hurt by this love, you had the capability to defend proudly your honour trampled for the sake of your progeny. So haughty and majestic, ebony Amazon, armoured by precious leathers and shimmering baroque fabrics on your satiny skin, you keep the adversity away with limitless greatness and dignity. Timeless Venus, you adorn yourself with royal gemstones such as “Cobalt”, “Purpurite” and “Rubellite”, precious talismans of your noble destiny. In honour of the Southern African women and of their Children, you knew how to accept the challenge with panache.


Desert Dew

«For your dew is a dew of light, and the earth will give birth to the dead» Isaiah 26:19
You, the dew of a sleeping Savannah at the dawn of a New Day, I pictured you sometimes renewed and fresh like a pure spring coming to water this thirsty and eager nature, sometimes sweet and tender like a sudden child’s laugh which could tame with its blow, the hostile and pitiless space of an African night… Dewdrops, a joyful and carefree kaleidoscope on this sleeping desert, just like an ostrich powder leather “Desert Rose” coming to awake the wise sobriety of an “Earthenware” sandy colour. Magic of these precious water drops which carry the buried memory of the The Cradle of Humankind on this African land. African dew, source of Life, you know how to enliven these territories with a powerful and endless joy.


Easter in the Karoo

Easter springs in the Karoo, at the nurturing and maternal dawn of a flourishing Renaissance. Outsize Ostrich eggs are joyfully taken by the Oudtshoorn children in the middle of this verdant and singular nature… A bright “Golden Green” ostrich leather already announces the hope for a New Golden Age and an era of Peace. Only the cry of the fox, meerkat or gecko will break this young morning still numbed by the African night torpor. A happy and young symphony of Greens and Yellows: a “Felt Green” becomes infatuated with the rebellious youth of a yellow “Acid Drop”.  Youth’s fresh and carefree colours, in tribute to the South African flag’s victorious and peaceful “Y”, to this glorious Green and to this yellow chick just come out of the Easter Egg. The mystery of life calls and takes us deep inside its creative and free ardour.


Cape of Good Hope Vineyards

What is more of a good omen than beginning the year tasting a wine stemmed from Cape of Good Hope Vineyards and imagining one thousand inebriant and powerful wishes? This is how the KLEIN KAROO Finest Ostrich Leather Collection has its source in this Vintage universe of the first pioneering wine growers, all along the mythical Cape wine route on the seaside.  The blue-shaded or mauve colours of generous and musky grapes anticipate an exceptional nectar from the fertile and precious land of the Cape oral kingdom.  In the same way, these ostrich leathers spread their majestic purple and skirt the generous skies in the intimacy of the gods. “Pinotage” leather, whose burgundy dress reminds of ancient Aquitane grapes under the good auspices of Ceres, the goddess of fertility. Like this lush valley carrying the same name, with multiple Eden orchards which o er to the sun generous cherries giving a fruity flavour to the grapes. At the Hope grape harvests, the wine flows freely in a joyful and plentiful bacchanal… And then, despite the inebriation, we will remember these vineyards in the name of women or conquests.


Cape Town Storm

She dreams about a Christmas in Cape Town, at the peak of the South African summer and in the African continent southernmost point…
Under a velvety and electric “Mauve mood” sky, “Mango” stars dance a cosmic and expert carol around the Octant. They make a true “jewellery box”, whose opening, in past times, showed to the sailors the bright way to the South Celestial Pole. Precursors of the coming storm, the familiar shapes of the Magellanic Clouds, galaxies visible to the naked eyes, draw two blurred spots in the austral “Flame Sky”. The constellation of Centaurus’ threatening figure seems to call the storm by hammering its hooves on the vault of this lilac sky full of spells, reminding us a “Purple Magic” leather. Two lovers on the Cape reddish beach, behind them the night shadowed by the Table Mountain, observe, dazzled, this celestial show. Just like their love at first sight, a lightening spectacle comes to life under their eyes, unrolling the precious and tidy fabric of stars in order to make space for a thundering scenography made up of thousand passionate and dazzling cavalcades in this infuriated sky.


Love Letters from Oudtshoorn

A few love words hastily scribbled on a pristine white piece of paper, a few words with rounded tones and metallic colour like the end of a sharpened and rebellious feather. A message in a bottle thrown in the sea for an impossible love but still full of hope… From the Indian Ocean towards the improbable coasts of the Mediterranean, will it be able to reach the Beautiful stranger, this letter made up of a thousand blue letters? Like this frightening and daunting Ocean, fortress of a love thwarted by adverse winds at the fragile glow of a happy sail and a hope always on standby? Cold colours of a wintery and hostile sea “Silver” which would love to reach the colour “Bluestone” in order to tell the melodious song of the mermaids on the background of inspired white page, along with the “Whitewash” ostrich leather under the vaporous and opaline feather.


[texts from the Nandi, Queen of Zululand 2018-19 collections by Estelle Arielle Bouchet, pictured below]



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