Manu Atelier- Minimalist craftsmanshipThe Turkish handbag brand, Manu Atelier, a favourite among fashion influencers all over the world, is characterised by simple but distinctive shapes, a fresh colour palette and high quality leather

Sep 10, 2018
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manuManu Atelier is a handbag brand founded in Turkey in February 2014 by Beste and Merve Manastir. The passion for accessories was handed down to them by their father Adnan, an esteemed leather goods artisan, who moved from Macedonia to Istanbul where he learned the art of leather processing. He began his apprenticeship with a master craftsman in 1961 and in 1976 he opened his own workshop in Istanbul’s most famous boulevard, in the district of Beyoğlu. His daughters, raised between the warm and intense smell of leathers, have always known that they wanted to follow in their father’s footsteps, and after graduating (Merve in marketing and Beste in international relations) they decided to create something of their own that would combine the family experience with their creativity and modern vision of the product. This led to the birth of the brand, four years ago. Their father played an important role in the start-up of the business, helping them in all phases of the process: the search for the finest leather, the geometric cut and the vegetable colouring completely free of chemicals.
The brand’s iconic model is “Pristine”, a reworking of an old design, with a new small and compact geometric shape, a delightful box adapted in colour and size, a closing flap and an adjustable shoulder strap. Manu Atelier focuses on surprisingly functional casual chic models that are relatively inexpensive. The lines are clean and modern, handcrafted with Turkish materials and extreme attention to detail. The range of models has recently been expanded with shoppers, handbags and a capacious suede shoulder bag.


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