[email protected]: Mediterranean enchantmentEvery single [email protected] piece is a jewel in itself, the first 2018-19 collection of bags is made of vegetable-tanned leather, painted entirely by hand, with unique designs and exclusive details. The magic of Ortigia (an island south of Etna, in the province of Syracuse), a land rich in history and ancient charm, comes to life in an original collection inspired by popular tradition, bright colours and evocative characters

Nov 08, 2018

image00015[email protected] is a unique, one-of-a-kind product that draws on the strong colours of the Sicilian land and adds an original, practical, durable and timeless design. It is an ambitious handcrafted project carried out with great passion and enthusiasm. The idea comes from a love for Sicily, its good taste and good living, respect for the environment and the search for accessories with style and meticulous attention to detail. Each bag is created with explicit references to Sicilian art and culture: the Paladini, Angelica, Trinacria, Moro, Principessa, Ruota del Carro, Arabo and the Cuore Ex Voto are just some of the evocative subjects featured on the bags that come in a variety of colours. The bags are available in two models and two sizes: Ortigia Bag and Mini bag, HatBox Bag and Mini bag of 24 or 18 cm, with chain or leather shoulder straps. They are hand-stitched one by one, as individual pieces of art, with original patterns and unique details that are never the same, and are decorated with studs and chains hand-applied and galvanized in Italy according to a process that ensures durability and shine over time.
The materials are made and processed by highly skilled leather craftsmen, and every step of the process is controlled to offer an eco-sustainable product made entirely in Italy. The leather is vegetable tanned by Tuscan masters according to ancient traditional techniques, using tannins from trees and plants in order to protect man and the environment. Vegetable tanning guarantees the absence of toxic substances such as azo dyes or nickel, and is carried out without the use of chemicals or heavy metals.

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