OMAC aims at automation and attention to detail [SIMAC 2018]An automatic cutting machine as well as a workstation for gluing and a pneumatic stamping machine. Many are the novelties presented at Simac.

May 15, 2018
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Many are the novelties presented by Omac at the 2018 edition of Simac.

lynx21_lowThe LYNX automatic cutting machine, for example: an integrated cutting system that makes it possible to obtain strips of leather (or of similar materials) from the entire piece. The processing is carried out through PLC and has 3 completely automated sequential processes:

  • Initial squaring of the entire piece of leather, through a circular blade, into 50 cm wide straps;
  • Insertion of the straps into the Omac cutting machine TAST 50 turning them into strips of the desired size;
  • Collection of the strips by means of an Omac conveyor ECO 25


lt700_lowAs for gluing, LT 700 OPTIC is an automated workstation designed to glue elements of leather and/or fabric. The processing is carried out by means of two alternately extractable trays, which make it possible to place a material on a tray while another is being processed. The entire process is based on a system of optical vision through a 1.3 MP resolution camera that detects the shape and position of the pieces to be glued, the machine makes it possible to carry out all kinds of perimeter gluing and/or of any point of a flat element and for full-surface gluing. It is equipped with two guns (0.5 to 1.2 mm nozzles, which reduce the margin of error to +/- 1mm) and with a computer, remote access for assistance, a 17” LCD monitor, a program of management of the 3 X-Y-Z axes of motion and 2 axes for the adjustment of glue and editing models. The specially created software allows an easy and intuitive use of the machine.


933dso_lowFinally, we must mention the pneumatic stamping machine 993 DS T4 PRO, suitable for hot stamping on different kinds of materials such as leather, faux leather, synthetics…, with the possibility of traditional processing for a single stamping or for a sequential stamping with and without a transferable belt.

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