Pelletterie Raffa: “Made in Tuscany” travelogueThe territory of Tuscany has a rich artisanal culture, which is founded on a mix of tradition, innovation, research, and taste. A culture that finds its highest form of expression in the leather goods industry, which claims numerous examples of excellence in this extraordinary territory: these are the origins of Pelletterie Raffa.

Jul 31, 2018
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Founded in the Eighties in Altopascio, in the province of Lucca, Pelletterie Raffa first specialised its production in carry-ons and travel and business items – bags, duffel bags, satchels, and suitcases – under the brand bearing the name of its founder, Aldo Raffa.raffa-4

The proposed collections, which immediately stood out for their meticulous workmanship, attention to detail, and choice of premium materials, attracted the interest of international luxury brands that started using Aldo Raffa Pelletterie for the development of their special projects. The company’s collaboration with brands of international fashion soon became its main line of business, with its own line of production abandoned, so it could fully dedicate itself to its partners.

New partnerships served as a great inspiration in the company’s research onto new materials, accessories, and techniques, while also acting araffa-2s a catalyst in its development. Moreover, to keep pace with the growing demand of customers, productive cycles were industrialised, with the implementation of the most advanced technologies, to satisfy the volumes requested by customers. At the same time, the extremely high qualitative standards of artisanal productions realised in the great Tuscan tradition of leather goods were strictly maintained.

In 2014, the company changed its name from Aldo Raffa Pelletterie to Pelletterie Raffa: a change that coincided with the generational turnover from father Aldo to his son Morris, who is now at the head of the company. Although Aldo continues to work as the company’s administrator, Morris is now in charge of day-to-day operations and assisted by his mother Rosa and sister Michela, in keeping with the company’s familial DNA.

Today, Pelletterie Raffa is a top-of-the-line partner to companies, developing ad hoc and personalised solutions that include the study and design of prodraffa-1ucts, the development of CAD models, the creation of prototypes and the launching of new productions with cutting, in-house preparations and assembly, all the way to the finished product. The collections developed in-house use materials all coming from the same district in Tuscany, with leathers arriving from Santa Croce sull’Arno and fabrics from Prato: more than Made in Italy, it’s 100% Made in Tuscany, thus guaranteeing the creation of a prestigious and excellent product.

The latest evolution of Pelletterie Raffa is the founding of its new brand Erretre: next to its production for private labels is the return of the brand’s very own label, which intends to express an identity that is always on the move and in a state of constant evolution.

Technical and stylistic expertise, and tradition and innovation, are all part of the common thread running through the history of Pelletterie Raffa, which now looks to the future.


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