Pragmantica: the world in a bag

The iconic model by the Belloni De Silva brand returns in 2018 in a striking limited edition capsule collection. Created by women for women, it interprets and tells the tale of their world, which is full of fascinating contradictions.

Mar 09, 2018
Posted in: , Bags on Stage

A free woman, subject only to her own personal tastes, with a bag representing her own personal lifestyle: inside there is a whole world, with all of its contradictions and freedoms. For her, the Milanese designers Elena Belloni and Beatrice De Silva propose for 2018 a limited edition capsule collection of the iconic Pragmantica line: concrete and functional at the same time, but capable of communicating an explosion of emotions and feelings, just like a woman. Next to sizes S and M, we find the Pragmantica proposal in a brand new size L. This shopper bag with simple lines and a structured interiors closely adheres to a Made in Italy kind of sophisticated luxury through contrasting leathers that are matched with the iconic cyclamen suede interior, and with minutia substituted by Saffiano leather details.

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