The “Queen of Style” talks about her styleBorn in Modena but a citizen of the world by choice, Carla Gozzi has made elegance and good taste in clothes her work, as well as a personal choice: blogger, writer, stylist, consultant for major fashion brands and TV host. She is best known as co-host, together with Enzo Miccio, of the Real Time program “Ma come ti vesti?” Patroness of the January 2019 edition of the Gardabags fair, she told us about ‘her’ ideal bag and, consequently, her vision of life in general.

Feb 04, 2019
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carla-gozzi“The ‘perfect bag’ is for me the one that best represents my lifestyle,” says Carla, “therefore it must be practical, functional and designed for movement. I travel a lot for work and pleasure, so my ideal bag must have a slightly rigid bottom and a rational organisation of spaces with zips and compartments that allow me to find what I am looking for easily and quickly. It must also be quite large and capacious to contain my whole world.”

Carla says that there are also objects that she is particularly fond of and that she moves from one bag to another.

“I am very religious and when I change bag I never forget to carry with me some sacred items that are particularly dear to me. Over the years, moreover, I have become increasingly aware of the fact that our daily choices, even in terms of clothing, affect the future of humanity. For this reason, I prefer to choose fashion and accessories made by ethical companies that have a certified supply chain. I also love vintage: for its intrinsic value of authenticity and craftsmanship, as well as the experience it brings with it. Every object of the past – whether it’s a shoe or a bag – has a unique story to tell.”

gardabags_17Carla also tells us about an interesting theory linked to unconscious desires and needs, which are instinctively reflected in our fashion choices.

“At least once in her life, a woman has purchased a bag with great enthusiasm and conviction and then, once home, stored it in a closet without ever using it. These purchases are clues for the future: if, for example, you buy a bucket bag, it means that in that moment of life you have a strong need for freedom, just like the colour blue is connected to the sky and higher aspirations than those of your everyday life.”

Being a very precise and rational person (it is not by chance that her zodiac sign is Libra), Carla is often the protagonist of serial purchases.

“When I find a model that is particularly practical and functional to my everyday life, which I can wear in a variety of different situations, I have no qualms about buying the same model in different colours!”

But a bag is also purchased on the wave of emotions and often represents a fetish-object from which one separates with displeasure and which goes beyond the fleeting fashion trends.

“I believe that shoes are closely linked to the look and are highly influenced by changes in taste. The bag, on the other hand, is a choice connected to a woman’s personality and is often an element that breaks with the rest of the wardrobe. For this reason, the life of a bag can also be very long and go well beyond the trends of the moment. I often gave away bags without any regrets because they no longer represented me: they were the result of choices made in the past and that in the course of my life I no longer shared. I am thinking in particular of my awareness for the importance of purchasing products that respect human labour and the health of man and the environment. As consumers we have, in fact, a great responsibility and a power that we are not often aware of: each of us can choose what to buy, and therefore we can affect the future of humanity and the world.”

Last but not least, we ask Carla what she thinks of the prevailing trend that sees sneakers and backpacks worn just about anywhere and not just for recreational or sporting activities.

“I personally don’t like this sporty look in every situation, also because grace and femininity are often sacrificed: in fact, we must be aware that the clothes and accessories that we wear also affect the way we move and walk. When a woman can feel comfortable and at ease, while keeping her femininity intact, then she will finally have found the perfect balance.”

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