The return of Marine 1988To celebrate the 30th anniversary of the creation of the successful line, the company based in Scandicci proposes a restyling of the beach bags by Sapaf that were very popular in the 80s

Nov 20, 2018
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Marine 1988 was a real turning point in the history of Sapaf. In 1988, in view of the participation in Promopel in Tokyo and Mipel of Milan, a collection dedicated to the beach and sea was conceived. With highly innovative models, fabrics and cords, the models are distinguished, above all, by the introduction of embroidered panels that become a guideline for the collections of the following years. The presentation in Japan was explosive: during the fair, buyers competed to place orders and some of them asked for exclusive distribution. Thus begins a very important path that will lead the Sapaf brand to occupy more and more commercial space in the best stores in Japan and the whole world.
With a long tradition in leather goods and a history of exporting all over the world, Sapaf today has adopted a production differentiation strategy made possible by the collaboration with famous international names, the planning of the collection for private labels and its own line with the Sapaf 1954 brand.
And today, just like thirty years ago, the “new” Marine 1988 marks a small revolution in the classic Sapaf style, due to the choice of models and materials, aimed at a young, carefree and leisure-loving target. The collection is made with natural materials such as cotton and cord, and vegetable-tanned leather trimmings. It is characterised – as in the past – by panels embroidered with the Marine motif.

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