Thread Em – Artistic creationsThe brand created by Edda Frattolillo from Cremona but Angeleno by adoption praises the colour for the coming season and is inspired by postmodernism, with inserts and contrasting colours

Jun 27, 2018
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Tell us about yourself, your background, studies and experiences that have influenced you to become a designer…
I think that my passion and interest in the fashion world are almost born instinctively in me. I remember that, when I was about 11/12 years old, I soon got tired of my clothes and of what I was wearing. I was often unsatisfied with what I saw in the stores, so I armed myself with scissors and chopped up here and there to give the garments of my wardrobe new shapes (to my mother’s great “happiness”!).
My desire to explore and make experiences away from home led me to attend the degree course in Fashion and Costume Sciences at La Sapienza University of Rome. I could have chosen the course for Fashion and Design Academies, but I had much more desire to understand the fashion system. This degree course – with lessons ranging from sociology, to economics and to the creative process – has prepared me on many aspects of fashion. It also opened new doors of understanding, which still help me to elaborate my ideas during the creation of the collections.
How was the passion for bags, in particular, born?
I am a great observer and I love the poetry that details are able to give. And accessories in fashion are exactly those details that confer different vibrations to each look. From this point of view starts my passion for bags that – just like scarves – are those accessories thanks to which I can fully express my creative nature.

When did you decide to build your brand Thread Em? What has been the most significant moment since then?

The decision came about one year ago. For sure moving to Los Angeles has been a very important step, with all the creative stimuli you are able to experience in this wonderful city.
Why were you inspired by Memphis Milano for your latest collection? Do you have a favourite model among the latest?
I particularly love geometric balances and how much, even unconsciously,  the combination of different shades is able to express. Memphis Milano was an artistic current that perfectly reflected these two elements. At the time they were innovative in the use of colours with a strong impact and visionary geometric structures. All materials come from Italy, while production takes place here in Los Angeles at a laboratory specialised in luxury brands. And the Edie bag is definitely my favourite!
You do not just create bags but also colourful silk scarves. Why did you make this choice?
Scarves were my starting point. The collection of scarves gave me the opportunity to freely experiment with geometric patterns and colour combinations. Even this interest was born in my childhood years. I was fascinated by the elegance and the sense of freedom that I felt when I watched actresses in Hollywood movies speeding away in Cadillacs wearing headscarves blowing in the wind.
Do you imagine a woman wearing your accessories before drawing them, as a sort of muse?
Of course, the woman I am inspired by is an independent, ambitious, curious lady. I like to think of her as a free spirit.
Do you have projects and news in sight?
At the moment I’m doing a lot of research on new materials for the next collections. I really like experimenting. I’m also working on some collaborations with local artists.
Where do you find the inspiration to create? What are your passions beyond fashion?
Mainly in art and design, but also in my travels around the world. I travel a lot, I love exploring new cultures and knowing about arts and crafts of the places I visit. They inspire me in my drawings, and above all in the search of colour shades.


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