YVY – Marked femininityFar away from mass productions, the YVY collections put all its eggs in skilfully hand-crafted pieces, using select high-quality materials. Playing with the concept of personalization of each element, Yvonne Reichmuth proposes a customized and sartorial kind of fashion, decidedly sensual.

Feb 18, 2018
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Maybe you do not know her name but you certainly know the celebrities that wear her creations on the red carpet, in video clips and for photoshoots: Janet Jackson, Monica Bellucci, Kylie Jenner, Camila Cabello, Taylor Swift, Sofia Boutella, Kathy Perry, Kristen Stewart.
Yvonne Reichmuth, born in 1986, is a Swiss designer with a boundless passion for leather processing and for the tradition of Tuscan craftsmanship. After the degree in fashion in Zurich, she began a career as a stylist working in the movies, in the advertising sector and for several fashion magazines; in the meantime she developed her clothing line and created three women’s collections.
Then, following her passion for leather, Yvonne began to dedicate herself to the study and the processing of leather.
As a result of that in 2008 the first accessory/lingerie collection, “1001”, inspired by a journey to Morocco, by the seventies and by patterns typical of the Muslim culture, was born. 1001 is the point of origin of the YVY brand, which was created in 2012, after the designer completed her training at the Leather School in Florence. This collection, made up of interlaced belts which form precise lines and of stars that adhere perfectly to the body, already created in her the desire to create a highly feminine and versatile line of accessories with a dark and elegant allure that can transform an outfit into something seductive and unique.
Her production slowly became a production of pieces totally independent from the seasons and trends:bags, belts, clothing, harnesses and jewels, centering everything on two key points: craftsmanship tradition and contemporary innovation. Meticulous openwork, sensually cut captivating harnesses, cuffs, bodices and frayed belts are the results of refined manual skills.
Feminine avant-garde accessories transform the body of every woman, adhering perfectly to the silhouette and accentuating the curves in the right places.
The collections are a real celebration of the female body and of how sustainability can be seductive; indeed, YVY is not only an innovative brand and a brand that cares about tradition, but is also a brand that realizes its products in an eco-conscious manner.
The whole production is hand-crafted and the products are realized with Italian vegetable-dyed leather.
Among the 2018 novelties is a collaboration with Superga, which was recently presented at the Berlin Fashion Week Berlin Fashion Week and won an award as best emerging brand in the accessory category.

SpringSummer 16 ready to wear collection


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