So the story goes: William Hauvette and Rodolphe Gardies were menswear veterans and founded a men’s knitwear brand that followed the classic fashion model of buying stock to sell to customers, with retailers cutting a margin somewhere in between. Eventually, they had created a product that even they couldn't afford. So, back to the drawing board they went, enlisting a group of their friends to participate in a feedback session. The team gave themselves a monumental task: to create what Rodolphe calls 'the perfect jumper'. Their friends gave them a price that they'd be willing to pay for that jumper, a number that became the benchmark and the budget for developing that specific product. This successful experiment gave rise to a new brand and Asphalte was launched in October 2016 with a total look range in mind. The premise is simple: one timeless product (a t-shirt, a bag, a pair of shoes, etc based on a survey among customers) is prototyped with cherry-picked manufactures in Europe, launched every few weeks, with clients only being able to adjust for colour and size. The company holds no stock: working on a pre-order basis , the exact quantity of materials are delivered only when an order is placed.

Consumers are drawn in by the genuine and trasparent nature of the brand, having every piece of information about the products. Having sold 2,500 units of its first product (that "perfect jumper"), Asphalte has since grown to a community of 60,000 subscribers in France alone, due to the fact that this peculiar business model eliminates the need to make difficult consumption choices.