"The year 2020 teaches us that luxury today is the ability to transfer values, visions and dreams across generations", says Carmine Rotondaro, Chief Executive Officer and Creative Director of Collini Milano.
A LOVE DECLARATION is a marriage between the most iconic pieces of COLLINI Milano and splendid Italian architecture, centered on the rebellious and passionate spirit that makes the Maison so ready for the new post-COVID-19 Renaissance.
Collini's new campaign is an invitation to the world to love the beauty and majesty of what will always remain, starting with a selection of Italian treasures near and dear to the fashion house, a series of evocative images that fuel the rediscovery of renowned architecture Italian and iconic Italian places mixed with iconic pieces by Collini.
"I believe that the secret which will bring the world of fashion back to success lies in our values, in our traditions and in our innate love for beauty", adds Rotondaro, recounting his vision of the new Collini campaign.
A LOVE DECLARATION underlines these values ​​and brings out an emotional need to reorient oneself with the beauty that surrounds us, showing the Italian panoramas of the splendid cities of Rome, Florence and Venice, without forgetting Syracuse, Bologna, Trieste and Costa Smeralda. The maison, with this campaign, wants to awaken the passion for historical places that await a new wave of love and admiration.