The fascinating exhibition at the Armani/Silos is dedicated to the accessories of the famous fashion house and presents a retrospective of bags, shoes and bijoux, precious elements suspended between art and design made according to the highest level of craftsmanship, alongside historic advertising and editorial campaigns on international fashion magazines.
The path leads through themes that are part of the designer’s historical themes: “Ethnic and Animalier”, “Metropolis and Neoclassical”, “Two-toned and Colour Block”, “Nocturne and Glow”. The exhibition displays slingbacks and decolletés, as well as the iconic flats to match evening dresses, examples of design and art that still show the brand’s sophisticated and balanced aesthetics, while Plissè bags and clutches are among the accessories that perfectly summarise the Armani essence.
Giorgio Armani approaches the world of accessories towards the end of the 1970s “creating items that complete and define without ever prevailing”, explains the exhibition’s press release, “style accents that know how to emphasise balance and measure. Just the way his garments are the mirror of a ever-changing society, accessories also talk about contemporaneity, made of comfort and refinement, of craftsmanship and nuances”.