Established in Taiwan in 2019, the Aeter brand transforms the dynamism of light and shadows found in urban architecture into design elements and presents them in two elegant proposals with a discreet charm. Verus-Aeter, an instant classic with refined lines and layered leather textures that brings a look of casual sophistication, inviting you to enter a world of purity. Luxeal-Aeter, a combination of the Latin words Lux (light) and Zeal (passion), features a bold silhouette accentuated by the way the light hits the bag’s exterior. Black suede and cowhide leather are beautifully presented through an exquisite cutting technique that elevates the level of finesse, creating an elegant and discreet style.

Customisable, with meticulous craftsmanship and design concepts, the Aeter bags are sustainable, made with hides from meat by-products from sustainable farming, free of toxic dyes, Azo dyes and phthalates, and are based on an end-to-end handmade process that minimises production waste.