“Over the last three years, many activities have been carried out by our Association, first and foremost, it became a founding member of Confindustria Moda. The path had to be completed by a final step: a clean break with some of the past and the development of a new path thanks to a name that is easy to remember, self-explanatory, and in line with the most virtuous associations of Confindustria,” commented the president of the association Riccardo Braccialini, in his third year in office.
The meeting was also an opportunity to announce a repositioning of the trade fair Mipel and its internationalisation through the “Mipel Tailor Made” project, which consists of three main stages: a roadshow in Tokyo on July the 2nd 2018 (the day before ModaItalia), Mipel in September (16-19) and Seoul, Korea, with the fifth edition of the “Mipel Leathergoods Showroom”. Positive figures for the 2017 leather goods market were also announced during the meeting: turnover in the sector exceeded 7 billion with exports of 7.4 billion euro (+13.2% over the previous year) and a positive trade balance of almost 4.7 billion euro.