The new challenge for the whole industry and in particular for leather goods and footwear is finding a balance between production efficiency and environmental sustainability. ALC Tecnologie Adesive realised the crucial importance of this challenge as early as 2007 when, inspired by the Kyoto protocol, created the first permanent cold bonding system that does not use solvents and liquid glues.
Research is the basis of the Kyotex® system: ALC designs and manufactures both the application machines and adhesive tapes. This allows obtaining an optimal balance that gives the products cohesion and tactile flexibility (the “grain” of fine leather), as demonstrated by national and international certifications and by over 3000 machines sold worldwide.
The Kyotex® System has been designed to automate production processes with maximum efficiency, with machines (both in and out of line) that are easy to use even by non-specialised operators and with 100% solid adhesives designed to guarantee the highest quality standards while respecting the environment thanks to the absence of harmful solvents and glues.
The company recently introduced new products and new OFFSET coating systems that have opened new paths in the field of semi-structural bonding (Viola series) and spot adhesives (Spot series) for temporary bonding with a heat-resistant adhesive that keeps the sewing needles clean.
The latest addition is the KYOTEX® NEXT System for the structural bonding and reinforcement of leather, fabrics, metal accessories, and also for giving structure to silk without altering its natural look.