Luxury products, clear ideas and ambitious projects: this is how Maria Biandr will be facing the coming season.

Maria Biandr is an emerging, luxury brand of men’s, women’s and unisex bags, shoes and accessories. The company it’s very young (the Milan debut was in September 2011), but it has already acquired a solid CV behind it: Sabina Fragata and Andrea Maria Maragoni, two young designers with very clear and admirably enterprising ideas have created their brand after an in-depth experience working for the world-famous Gianni Versace, Prada, Gianfranco Ferrè, Valentino, Dolce & Gabbana, René Caovilla, Guess and Café Noir.

A varied and colourful preparation that has enabled the two designers to experiment in various areas of the fashion world, finally arriving – as their chosen market – at niche luxury goods.

“We are targeting a very unusual and mature market that understands and appreciates a product of extremely high quality, based on the complex study of both design and materials”, they explain. A market in which Maria Biandr offers an extremely personal and distinctive, almost affected style: “We design objects that can be appreciated by everyone, but that are instantly identifiable as something totally unique”.

An ambitious objective that Fragata and Maragoni pursue with a clever use of Plexiglas and transparencies that become a symbol of the purity of the lines and forms. Geometric, gold and square profiles, soft and curvaceous forms are sublimed in elegantly refined clutch bags embellished by details in fused, light-opaque gold. Objects that in just one year have managed to impose themselves in a restricted but extremely exclusive network of sales points in Milan Paris and London. Although the dream of having their own atelier still remains: “Our aim is a small boutique, a sort of saloon where we can fully express our creative vein. Being small or in niche market does not necessarily mean you don’t have great ambitions and we believe that our own space could help us truly convey the values behind our creations.”