Footwear and leather goods can now be enriched by beautiful and original eyelets, hooks, buckles and studs. In fact, Moro Minuterie, presents a finish for its accessories that follows the new trend.

For over 40 years, Moro Minuterie has aimed at providing customers with a high quality, cutting-edge product, characterized by functionality and attention to detail. Today, Moro Minuterie offers its customers accessories that can become details of style thanks to its proposals with an “anodized” finishing available in all the RAL colours.
“Anodized” finishing is ideal for adding a futuristic touch to accessories. It is the latest innovation in the production of small parts for footwear and leather good. This finishing gives the classic eyelets, hooks, buckles and studs a look in line with the latest fashion trends, ensuring high quality Italian design in compliance with the European standards.
A finishing that is obtained through the “sputtering” process, during which the metal is vaporized and then fused onto the surface of the part, creating special reflections similar to the anodizing process that can only be obtained on aluminium. This new stylistic proposal of eyelets, hooks, buckles and studs, demonstrates once again that Moro Minuterie believes in the importance of details that make a difference, and is always attentive to those, like stylists and designers, who set the trends.