APLF 2020 is an international trade fair traditionally recognised as a meeting point in the Far East, which over the years has encouraged, though, the arrival of operators from other areas of the planet, the majority of whom joined the “collective participation”, promoting their specialisation in the leather sector.
This year the fair underwent a reorganisation which brought the entire Leather sector to the third floor of the Hong Kong Convention & Exhibition Centre. On the first floor, the visitor will find three exhibition areas such as “Materials +” “Cashmere World” and “Fashion access”, focused on raw materials and finished products.
Signals that make us reflect on the strategy of the INFORMA group, one of the main international trade fair organisation platforms, which in 2018 acquired APLF by inserting it within the “INFORMA Market” brand: a proposal for horizontal integration between different international value chains in a possible expansion and cross-contamination perspective of trade fair activities.
As for the last editions, the theme of Sustainability is central again. Cycles of conferences and specific appointments will deal with issues such as biodegradability, recyclability and circular economy of the skin.
The historical presence of ASSOMAC “Made in Italy” technologies is undisputed, considered an added value by the organisers: APLF is a necessary and sought-after meeting point for operators who, for different reasons, have not reached Simac Tanning Tech in Milan.
A statistical analysis on the development and perspectives of the exhibition sector worldwide shows that the fairs referring to the areas least involved in the duty war have grown the most, while those of the countries most directly connected to trade with the United States have suffered a decline. In this context, China fairs visitors and exhibitors have decreased, while they continue to grow in Hong Kong.
Hong Kong is not in fact an industrial manufacturing centre, but many large footwear groups are based in the city state, such as Yue Yuen Industrial (Holdings), Stella International Holdings, Fu Feng Group (H.K.) Investment LTD, Daphne International Holdings, or C. Banner International Holdings LTD. However, a large part of the Hong Kong shoe industry operates in mainland China and in the South East Asia area. This confirms its crucial position for China.
Hong Kong is also an international exchange point for the footwear sector, as the eleventh exporter of footwear in the world, with 2.37 billion dollars for 131 million pairs; main customers and main suppliers of the supply chain are China, the United States, Vietnam, Italy and France.