borsa-kubie-di-bakaraNot long after its founding, the first positive and concrete results began to arrive from the world of fashion and the market:  first, with the brand’s presence in different sales points located throughout Italy and abroad and, more recently, with the company coming in at third place this past February at Mipel’s “Feel Your Rolling Bag” contest, organized in partnership with the ITA-Agency, MISE- the Ministry of Economic Development, Rolling Stone Italia and laRinascente. On this occasion, the megastore located in Milan’s Piazza Duomo presented the Kube Bag, the cube-shaped and already iconic bag of the brand, in a limited leather edition, with fur inserts and hydraulic pipes as handles.
So, what is the secret to the success of these two young women born on an island, like Sicily, who are quite far from the complex world of fashion? Without a doubt, part of it is the proposal of a bag with a minimal and basic cut, suited to all kinds of use, but also the research on innovative materials like three-dimensional polyester paired with eco-leather: cruelty-free, super lightweight, washable and extremely resistant, as well as glamorous in its numerous chromatic expressions.