Founded in Treviso at the beginning of 2019, BGBL (or Bouncing Bags) collects used basketballs from sports clubs and gives them new life, providing the teams with new balls in exchange. A concept born from the ideas of the founders Doriano Ottavian (co-CEO) and Elisabetta Viola (designer and co-CEO) between passion, craftsmanship, vintage style and modernity, between reuse and recycling.
The brand was born of a dual idea of sustainability: primarily environmental, giving second life to materials that would otherwise be destined for landfill. Then social, allowing sports clubs to buy new (and more performing) balls.
The BGBL bags are made of prime grain cowhide, worked by leather manufacturers in the Treviso and Padua area, trying to maintain a zero kilometer production circularity. There are three start models, with names taken from the abbreviations of the roles in the game schemes: “B-Five” (like center), a unisex one-shoulder backpack with black or green lining, the most representative of the collection. “B-Three” (like small forward), a roomy, practical and sporty-chic bucket bag. And finally the “B-One” handbag (like point guard). In all cases, the ball leather is cut by hand, the inner lining and the external structure are made up-cycling the fabric used to make the basketball players’ uniforms.
The result is a collection composed only of unique pieces entirely Made in Italy, which combines ecological sensitivity with a passion for Italian design.