From the handbag to the tote bag, every bag is a unique piece that reveals the warm beating heart of this Latin American country and its women artisans, who fill the collection with its soul and traditions. Every piece designed by Carola requires about one month of production time, which is needed to pass from the raw materials – like the cocoons of silkworms and the fibres of cumare palms – to the tricot weaves that characterise the different collections. The supply chain is local and fully respects the ecosystem. All the processes – from the planting of mulberry, to the cultivation of silkworms, to the creation of threads – is undertaken by around 200 families who, thanks to this activity, are able to care for their children. The colours are all natural and obtained from coffee beans, nut shells, countless kinds of leaves, bark, flowers, and tropical fruits. The winter capsule “Rein Collection” is inspired by freedom and the equestrian life of the Amazon territory, while the summer collection features the vibrant hues of exotic fruits.