cdc_aziendaC.D.C. is a company that looks to the future and always moves toward new goals. This is shown by the pursuit of quality and sustainability certifications perfected in 2016, the huge renewal of the head office, completed in September 2015, and the effort to extend its international presence in Europe, USA and China to the utmost.
The company from Campi Bisenzio (Florence) does not wish to follow trends, but to inspire them, and loves to express its creativity to the utmost in order to develop innovative products that are the fruits of ever-changing challenges.
Chiara Pezzatini, second generation at the helm of C.D.C. and product development manager, leads us to a better knowledge of this flagship of the Tuscan know-how at the service of high-profile fashion.

Where does the continuous desire for the future that characterizes you come from?

«Mainly from my father, who started his career as a chain salesman and then became an entrepreneur, a real entrepreneur, who is not afraid to invest and risk. Today, he is still very open-minded about new things. He has often been able to be ahead of his times».

How does this “looking ahead” translate into reality?

«In the attempt to always improve ourselves in order to offer a high-level product. We are a young company, not so much because of our age – the foundation dates back to 1992 – but because of our strong propensity to change. We have moved our offices 3 times in just over 20 years and we have recently invested a lot to completely renew both the Florentine office and the production plant».

So, how are you structured today?

«In the Florence office, where research and development are gathered, there is the showroom, the plating department, the laboratory, the warehouse and the offices, while in Arezzo we manufacture chains with common metals, both mechanically and manually, with the most advanced equipment actually available on the market, and microfused components.»

What kind of customers do you target?

«We have always cultivated the interest for the biggest customers, without ever neglecting to work also with all the others. Our main interlocutors are medium and high level leather goods companies, but also footwear and clothing companies and, for a small part, interior design companies».

What are, in your opinion, your strengths?

«First of all customization. We try to make all projects possible, even the most complex ones, aiming to develop products that can be industrialized to the utmost.
Besides, we offer not only ornamental chains by the meter, but also the finished product. We are able to supply finished shoulder-straps with snap hooks, rings or T-bars, clamps, handles, necklaces or bracelets according to the customer’s request».

Do you have another string to your bow?


«A real laboratory inside the company, thanks to which we do not have to rely on external companies anymore, as we are able to quickly manage controls on over 4,000 items. We can make different kinds of tests: control of the precious metals deposited, report on heavy metal contents (lead and cadmium), nickel release test, colorimetric test and various wear tests.
Besides, our plating department is inside the company, which enables us to keep everything under control, speed the work and handle emergencies better, in a functional and healthy environment».

Future means also sustainability to you…

«We care very much about this aspect, not only because customers demand it, but above all because fairness and respect are essential values to us.
In the last few years we have pushed ourselves to become a company certified not only for quality (ISO 9001:2008), but also for the respect for the environment (ISO 14001:2004) and for ethics (SA 8000:2014); the latter certification is very interesting, because it triggers a virtuous circle in the society, as it demands that also our sub-suppliers comply with precise requirements of social fairness.
Today we are able to better dispose of waters and muds, we are energy independent thanks to our solar panel system, we use recycled materials that have a low percentage of heavy metals, and we monitor the health and stress level of our employees… Just to give some examples».

What commercial initiatives have you undertaken?

«We have targeted foreign countries, attending the main international trade fairs: Première Vision in Paris, Lineapelle in Milan and APLF in Hong Kong.
Besides these traditional channels, in order to be present in 3 continents, we have opened a showroom in Paris – managed directly by us, where it is possible to see our complete collection; we landed up in New York displaying part of our samples collection at T-Project, a showroom that promotes Tuscan companies in the United States; we have also founded a company in China to serve the delocalized productions in Asia, controlling shipping costs. This company is directly managed by us thanks to the presence of our manager on the spot.
Today our main markets are France, Spain and the United States».

Wide-ranging novelties…

«I would say so, as we have also renewed our website (, in order to make it more pleasant and functional, and we are re-editing the catalog so that it is more intuitive and easy to consult».