Claudio Goffredo was a passionate and visionary individual with firm values. After obtaining his degree in Economy and Business from the University of Bari, he went on to become the youngest member of the Order of Certified Accountants in Bari. Despite being courted by a number of multinational groups, he decided to work with his father in managing the agency of representation for accessories in the industry of garment making and apparel. His dream however was completely different and in 1978 he made it come true by founding ZIPGoffredo, the first company of zips in Apulia, which today remains the only sector company of its kind throughout all of Central/Southern Italy.
His love for such a small and functional object, a small work of art that manages to blend design, mechanical engineering and art together, and which includes know-how coming from different worlds like those of textiles, chemicals, and micromechanics… drove him in his quest to achieve better results with his company, often making changes and improvements that were far ahead of the market’s trends.
Thanks to his farsightedness, he knew how to lead his company down a road of constant growth. The first phase saw the transformation of ZIPGoffredo into the first ‘just in time’ productive platform in the international sector of zips. The second phase, which coincided in 1987 with the opening of a new production facility, allowed him to focus production on innovative products, capable of replying to the creative and designer needs of the fashion industry. Having satisfied this goal, ZIPGoffredo became synonymous with avant-garde products in the field of Made in Italy fashion accessories. The third phase of the company began in 2008 with the updating of the company in a sustainable key, with facilities and equipment evolving to comply with the most modern philosophies of ecology, while respecting the environment and constantly improving working conditions for employees. This respect for mankind and the environment translated into sustainable processes and products.
The dream of Claudio Goffredo was never an end unto itself, but always at the service of something much bigger, the world of fashion and its customers. ZIPGoffredo tells us that “His passion and values will be of great inspiration for his successors and collaborators in the company”.