cometaAfter many years in which CO.ME.TA. has developed its machines relying on the Dürkopp Adler brand, it now brings its range for leather goods and the production of bags under the aegis of the Juki brand.

A Japanese brand that is enjoying great success both in the US and Asian markets, markets CO.ME.TA. is firmly aiming at. The well known Juki brand has been on the market for a long time, but before now it has never proposed specific machines for sewing bags in its catalog.

«We are the first – points out CO.ME.TA. – to use the brand in this respect and we already see the results».

VBO is among the core machines that become part of this operation. A very successful model, whose production has increased by 100% in the last year. What is the reason? «It is the perfect machine to sew the most popular modeling type of the last few seasons: bags with last and rigid bags that do not allow a handling of the product to make seams, but require a machine with an oscillating arm».

simboliniVBO is now a triple transport machine, an upgrade that has fully improved the quality of the stitch.

CO.ME.TA., one of the most important manufacturers of sewing machines for the footwear, leather goods and garments, will present a big news next October: «A unique worldwide product».