Nowadays it is increasingly important for a company to be recognizable on the market and to differentiate itself from the competition at a glance. The style of a fashion brand is often coupled with very precise visual characteristics, and that is how functional accessories like zips acquire an important aesthetic value that goes beyond the mere color of the selvage or the sliders.

The consolidated photo printing system developed by Coats Opti enables to print on the textile part of the zip, reproducing any mark, pattern or fantasy drawing, both on a single piece and on a continuous chain. Now the Picta technology can be applied also on the nylon part of the chain and on the slider, thus giving a visual continuity that has no interruptions, completely camouflaging the functional part without compromising its use. Thus Picta enables to customize the zip with logos, drawings or images in order to characterize a fashion creation and affirm the identity of a brand in a more suggestive way. The technology is available also on the spiral zip with S technology (Opti’s patent) that includes a special textile construction technique, making the zip particularly flat and resistant.