The classic roots of Italian tanning and the sustainable luxury of Conceria Superior are blended together in the SS2021 pre-collection, which was presented this past December by this Santa Croce sull’Arno company with an exclusive event: a private and guided tour among the rooms of the Uffizi Gallery in Florence to see artistic representations of the Italian art of tanning, while also taking in the new Superior collection. Key to this event was the industrial manufacturing chain timeline as seen from an artistic standpoint. The works of leading artists, in fact, often represented the leather accessories and garments typical of the luxury production of their times. The tradition of quality expressed and described in these artistic objects is reflected today in the productive abilities of modern-day tanneries, which are the direct descendants of the antique Tuscan tanning tradition.

“Leather in Art Experience is a project we are especially proud of – explains Stefano Caponi, CEO of Superior Spa – a unique cultural pathway that offers a different perspective onto our reality, starting from the classic roots of Italian tanning and arriving at present-day tanning, between luxury and sustainability, in a mandatory green approach”.

A look at the SS2021 collection of Conceria Superior recounts a tale of not only impeccable and impalpable leathers, but also soft, rich and precious leathers all the way up to classic box leathers, which are ideal for producing accessories and especially bags with important structures. Plus, there are premium calfskins with fashionable moods, and meticulous leathers with stainings, spongings, and special shades. Instead, délavé leathers with undefined shades present unexpected chiaroscuro effects on the inside. The SS2021 collection once again follows the wave of recent and innovative tanning processes, moving with an eye to sustainable luxury, with metal-free leathers designed and created with an extremely green mindset, for the improved quality and reduced use of chemical substances during leather processing. Conceria Superior, which has always believed in the duo of innovation-quality in accordance with sustainability, while also obtaining certifications for its product quality

, ethical and environmentally responsibility, and product traceability, makes solid investments in R&D. Among these investments is Normale in Pisa, which is key in helping the company identify new roads to go down that can eventually be included among the Best Business Practices of the sector.

Leather in Art Experience also confirms the increasingly strong ties between culture and fashion in the city of Florence, a connection underlined by the words of the very same Councillor for Culture, Fashion, and Design, Tommaso Sacchi, who was present at the event: “It’s the first time in Florence that in addition to culture, there is a councillor for fashion and design. It’s as if the city had fully reflected upon the fact that these two functions are closely connected with the first. Culture is at the centre of our political agenda and is seen as a key for education, development, and the country’s progress, while also representing the heart of our administrative mandate as well as an essential part of the city’s DNA. The city I dream to see over the next few years is a centre of modernity, creativity, youthful activity and avant-gardism”.

Giotto Room – Polittico di Badia (leather book cover) Art. Femme: leather soft and fluid
Botticelli, Primavera (shoes/sandals) Art. Kasha: leather soft, round, structured and sheer
Botticelli, Adorazione magi (shoes) Art. Philadelphia: structured leather, with a character, “rock”
Botticelli, Pallade e Centauro (shoes/sandals) Art. Giove: calf leather, very delicate and soft, extra light, fabric texture
Paolo Uccello, Battaglia di San Romano (horses reins) Art. Storm: leather round and soft
Ghirlandaio, Adorazione dei Magi (leather flask) Art. Sable: skin effetc leather, natural matt
Caravaggio, Medusa (studded shield with leather details)?Art. Claire: masculine leather, “used”, uneven and irregular surface        
Vasari, Ritratto Lorenzo il Magnifico (leather pouch)?Art. Lady Plongé: very soft leather, almost weightless     
Rubens, Portrait of wife (leather book cover) Art. Cambon: bright leather, craquelé, stiff      
Gentile da Fabriano, Adorazione dei magi (horses reins, dog leather collar) Art. Levanto: leather with a structure, very resistant effect, semi-glossy