It was a unique occasion not only to exhibit the new collection within an institutional context, but also to celebrate the 111th anniversary of the company. The inspiration for the Spring-Summer 2020 collection is a flower garden, where clutches and handbags bloom with their exquisitely vintage style and bold sophisticated appeal. The secret garden in Via Durini 24 was therefore the perfect setting to host the collection: on display was the craftsmanship and history of Leu Locati, which included the making of the precious Mesh fabric using a late 19th century loom transported to the site for the occasion, and the construction, under the eyes of the guests, of one of the company’s iconic clutches. Outside, instead, a path through the plants and a Zen pond accompanied visitors in discovery of the exclusive pieces of the collection. For the occasion, they were exhibited in old trunks belonging to the history of Locati, which since the beginning have been used to keep
and transport the company’s samples around Italy and the world.
Owner Paolo Amato told us about the experience, “Being selected and supported by Camera Moda to participate in Milano Fashion Week was certainly very gratifying, as was the opportunity to be able to talk about the company’s history, and the craftmanship that characterises us. Receiving positive feedback on our work and on the collection presented was certainly a source of great satisfaction, as well as an important springboard and fundamental recognition within the fashion system. We are very proud of the event’s success, especially the general enthusiasm shown for our work. We are happy to have been able to talk about and to show the heart and soul of our company, as well as the craftsmanship and passion that characterise us.”

From left, Daniele e Paolo Amato