Leader in the Italian and international tanning market, for over forty years Dimar has been offering its clientele leathers of the absolute best quality, in a well-balanced mix of tradition and innovation. Values that can be found in the new Top items of its catalogue with unique features specifically geared toward the fashion industry: Yuma and Suomi.

The Yuma tanning technique is based on an extremely ancient formula handed down from one generation of tanners to the next. The leather goes through an initial phase of chrome tanning, to then be tanned a second time through vegetable-tanning, giving life to a leather defined as “vegetablized” in accordance with a process dating back to long-ago 800 B.C., in the midst of the Etruscan era. The process of development that calls for a second vegetable tanning conveys a harder and more compact texture to the leather and a warm and natural colour. With the passing of time, the leather ages but is not ruined, showing the natural signs of leather and exalting its quality. Thanks to all these features, Yuma is a versatile leather that can be used for accessories, shoes, and bags.

Suomi, instead, is a full-grain leather of the highest quality created for use in the most traditional applications like leather goods – bags, belts, accessories – as well as in furnishings and the coverings of high-end couches and armchairs. The advantage of Suomi is the naturalness of the leather, with its small visible leather pores and its ability to exalt small imperfections or surface defects by transforming them into a desired feature and a distinctive and unique trait of the leather.

Suomi is mostly characterised by an incredible softness made possible by a minimum number of processes and its extremely silky hand, which in any case maintains a formidable level of resistance. In the catalogue of Dimar, in addition to the Top-of-the-range items, Yuma and Suomi, there is also a wide range of leathers, crusts, and grains, which are exceptional for their quality and even colours that are suited to a wide variety of uses from footwear to leather goods, and from belts to furnishings. Next to the product, Dimar offers a service that makes its leathers available within 24 hours, thanks to a modern warehouse and logistics centre.