The adventure of Domozero first began in 2010 when two brothers, Alessio and Lorenzo Mastroianni, the former an environmental biochemist and the latter an architect, decided to make the most of their expertise in order to develop a project that would combine design and sustainability. Their research was focused on unusual materials: nautical sails no longer in use, which with their exquisite quality and highly advanced technical features, immediately served as a source of creative inspiration to the duo, resulting in the creation of the first Domozero bag collection.   
That initial creative impulse remains strong today, driving the research of Domozero, which is expressed in unique proposals, both in terms of design, characterised by simplistic and minimal lines, and in terms of innovative materials that guarantee lightness, resistance, and a waterproof structure. An indestructible duo between high tech and craft workmanship, which conveys a unique identity to all Domozero accessories, while guaranteeing high performance. Adhering to this philosophy are the proposals for the coming season, which are characterized by mesh themes, bands, and geometric inserts that set surfaces into motion, conveying a sporty-chic appeal.   
Guaranteeing the quality and craft workmanship of its accessories, Domozero follows the entire process, from the design to the creation of the product, in its very own laboratories: a pathway that can be traced through the TFashion brand that guarantees the authenticity of the Made in Italy production chain.